Monday, 5 January 2015


Are you seeing any?

People progress in different ways. The way you measure success may also be different to how someone else measures it.

If you are following a proper training plan, eating right and you still can't see progress you may be measuring it wrong. For example you are aiming to lose weight rather than bodyfat... Remember muscle weighs more than fat so you would be best suited to taking photos and measurements or get your bodyfat measured by someone who is trained to do it.

Progress can also be measured in the gym, i.e. the weight you lift increases or time it takes to do a circuit/run a set course improves.

But remember, it doesn't matter if you improve by 1kg /lb or improve by 1s when out running or even add an extra rep than the week before. It is progress.

You WILL fluctuate week to week.
You WILL have weeks where you feel weak and worse than the week before.

However, if you stick with the programme and keep a diary of your workouts you will notice small improvements here and there.

As I've said before it is a marathon not a sprint.

Keep training, keep improving it is that simple.

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