Friday, 2 January 2015


We've all said it or heard it...
"how do I lose the roll around the middle?"
"how can I get rid of my belly?"
"how can I tone up my arms?"
"how do I get a six pack?"

The answer is actually alot more simple than you think.

Calories in < calories out

In other words if you eat less than you burn off, you will lose weight (That being said 2000 calories of McDonald's is still 2000 calories of McDonald's and won't get you anywhere in life).

However- you CANNOT spot reduce fat I.e. Lose fat from where YOU want it to be lost from. Just let your body do is thing and keep losing the fat from other parts of your body before the part you want- it will be worth it.

Keep at it and enjoy your fitness challenge.

Just think of the beach in the summer and it'll be worth it!

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