Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Teapigs Matcha Green Tea*

For the last few weeks I have been trialing Teapigs Matcha Green Tea, and thought it would only be fair to give it a few weeks before passing comment.

For those of you who don't know, Matcha Green Tea is '100% natural, organic ground tea leaves. It is grown under shade to increase its chlorophyll content- which is what contains all the healthy nutrients.' It is also contains very high antioxidant levels (137 times the antioxidants of normal green tea).

Now, it is well known that drinking 5-10 cups of green tea per day helps increase your metabolism, so I gathered that as it is claimed that "a 1g serving of Teapigs Matcha is equivalent to 15 cups of normal green tea", one cup should be plenty.

As a green tea lover, I was slightly sceptical when it arrived as I was used to the simple teabag plus hot water method but after a few days I got the hang of using the powder and whisk.

I was also sceptical of the colour. It mixes to a bright green colour and doesn't exactly look appetising and upon the first taste test I was still unsure. I had to give it chance, It does indeed taste like green tea but has a smoother taste so you don't get the sharpness of normal green teas.

It seemed to have done the trick too, alongside my current diet I did seem to notice myself becoming leaner (although I was also training more intensely at the same time).

As I was supplied with a shot glass to drink the tea, my initial reaction was to use it. I was very keen to try it so I got out the electric whisk which I was also provided with, got out the shot glass and put in 1 scoop of Matcha with cold water. This was a disaster as the whisk was far too powerful and most of the tea ended up on the kitchen unit... Matcha 1-0 Paul.

After the clean up I decided to put it in a normal mug with boiling water, as I would for a regular cup of green tea. I only filled the mug half full whilst I whisked it. This worked a lot better, and was the way I have mixed it since.

I did also try to develop my own "Iced Tea" by using the same method as above but then pouring the tea over ice and finishing off with about half a lemon cut into chunks. The flavour wasn't quite right but I would still recommend giving this a go, especially if you like iced tea!

The only negative I would have about Matcha would be that if you don't drink it whist it's warm, or don't whisk for long enough, you can end up with powder left in the bottom of the cup but this is easily resolved by adding some more water and finishing off as normal.

This is a product I can definitely see myself buying in future, and if you are a tea lover or not I'd recommend at least trying it! One small tin contains 30 servings, and it also has a long shelf life (perfect for occasional green tea drinkers too!). Plus, with all the health benefits you can't really go wrong!

A 30g tin retails at £25.00 and you can purchase it here.

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