PT Zone

Sherlock Fitness is open for business in and around Chester!

Personal Training

Training at Sherlock Fitness will;

Be tailored to your goals
Ensure you are making constant progress towards your goals
Be flexible to your working patterns
Be conducted in a top facility
Be affordable
Turn your weaknesses into strengths

And most importantly it will be fun!

Many trainers I have seen are happy to give you the same regurgitated training plan they use for everyone, happy to take your money and not take an interest into whether you are improving! The fitness profession has developed a bad reputation because of this, and needs to be stopped. Stop wasting your hard earned money on trainers who don't care and choose one who does.

What we offer;

Package 1

Free Consultation
1 session per week
Free Nutritional Advice

Package 2

Free Consultation
2 sessions per week
Free Nutritional Advice

Package 3

Free Consultation
3 sessions per week
Free Nutritional Advice
Free Sherlock Fitness T-shirt

Package 4

Online Coach
Training Plan
Nutritional Advice

To book your free consultation please email

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