Thursday, 8 January 2015

Gym Etiquette

There are a number of people who go to gyms who don't appreciate their surroundings. Using equipment in the wrong way and not respecting any gym rules. Here is a few rules that would apply to any gym- feel free to add your own in the comments below.

1. Put your weights back- this needs no explanation. YOU got them out, YOU put them back.

2. Grunting/ Sweating is okay- you are there to work (if your gym doesn't like this you obviously train in the wrong place, although if you sweat a lot make sure you wipe it up).

3. Respect other gym users- how often have you asked 'how many sets you got left mate?' Only to get the answer I'll be ages mate'. Must sound familiar! Simple solution is to let people 'work in' in your rest periods. You might not be in a rush but the guy who needs to use your machine might be.

4. Using your phone- now I don't believe this is such a no no as in years gone by as smartphones have many health and fitness apps to aid your journey. However, if you do need to make or receive a phone call... GO OUTSIDE or into the reception area. Nothing is more annoying than Mr Bicep walking around the gym on his phone making sure everyone can hear his conversation. And certainly do not take up a piece of equipment whilst you are on the phone!

5. Lastly give people space when they are working out. When someone is performing a lift or has a circuit set up, unless it is imperative that you walk that way... DON'T! My pet hate is when deadlifting somebody stands directly behind you and you catch them in the mirror. I mean, c'mon mate move back a few metres! Whilst I'm on this subject don't literally sit on someone's knee whilst waiting for equipment.

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