Saturday, 31 January 2015

Don't complain about something you're not prepared to change

I've heard it all before. In fact I've discussed the exact phrases people say on here in previous posts.

I want to lose this roll around the middle
I want to tone up my legs
I want a six-pack
I want to get rid of my bingo wings

These are complaints I hear on a daily basis and I'm sure you all hear it too. Often followed by so I'm taking up the *insert latest celebrity fad diet here*.

It won't work...
It hasn't worked the last 15 times this person has stated they wanted to lose weight.
These people aren't willing to seek proper nutritional advice, or even do research, they would rather buy the latest product based on a few before and after photos!

Is this person you?

Make the change and make sure this isn't you.
So why complain about it?

Recently I have had conversations with people who want to seriously lose some weight, the advice I gave was pretty standard;

Avoid processed food
Include protein in every meal
Eat breakfast
Cut down on foods high in saturated fat
Cut down on sugary food

Nothing out of the ordinary here, just some basic advice for them to start to change their diet.

2/3 days later I spoke with them to see how they were getting on and I received the following responses;

"I had sausages for breakfast"
"I had a cheese bap on white bread for lunch"
"I like these foods too much it's hard to change"
"I had 4 pints last night"
"Why is losing weight so hard?"

These people don't WANT to change.
They like the IDEA of changing, but they are not willing to even go 3 days on a healthier diet.

Make sure you are the person that DOES change, as I stated earlier FAD diets do not work (unless you want to be the sort of person that yo-yos with their weight).

Make the change and make the right change.

If you want it badly enough you will achieve your goals.

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