Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Breville Blend Active

Could this be the best product I have ever bought?

Quite possibly!

I, along with what seems like 90% of instagram users, got one of these blenders over Christmas.

Okay, initially I didn't get it for myself, but thought that I'd use it on the odd occasion. I never thought that I would use it EVERY DAY!

You have endless possibilities of what you can do with this!

Similar to the Nutribullet (which I haven't used) it is basically a blender but it blends within the bottle, so it is really handy if you are, like me, on the go all the time.

The price comes in a lot cheaper than the Nutribullet and they are available for as little as £20!

What do I put in it is hear you ask? My typical post workout breakfast recipe is:

1 x banana
1 x medium sized apple
1 x handful of spinach
1 x stick of celery
A few slices of cucumber
1 x scoop unflavoured whey protein powder
1 x handful of blueberries
1 x slice of ginger

I don't peel any of the veg as I like to ensure I don't lose any nutrients that my body obviously needs. I also feel it is a good way of getting enough fruit and veg and as I have mine post workout I like having alot of fruit for the natural sugars.

There are all sorts of recipes for you to follow online and once I become a bit more experimental I will be happy to share them.

If your new years resolution was to get fit/get in shape/ lose weight and you haven't started yet, why not? Summer is around the corner, in fact it is now only 5 months away! Crazy to think January has pretty much passed us by!

If you have been sticking to your resolutions, eating healthier and have been enjoying the benefits of exercise, I hope you are starting to see the results you want! It's been a hard month for many of you but stick at it and you'll look awesome on the beach!

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