Monday, 1 December 2014

Sub sports leggings

Possibly the best piece of winter gym equipment I own!

I first bought a pair around 18 months ago- they were so good I now own 4 pairs...
I was looking for a pair of skins leggings to wear after matches for recovery but that were also extremely versatile so that I could wear them to the gym, and for running too. Upon learning that the skins brand would cost around £50 I started searching for a cheaper alternative.

I was skeptical at first, with it not being a brand I had heard of before, and had to read and re read the reviews before I decided to purchase them. However, I am mighty glad I did.
They offer a good deal of compression, so much so I wore them pretty much 24/7 when I tore my hamstring and was healed within 6 weeks. I must add in here they do not have any secret healing powers obviously what I did in rehab helped too!
They also keep me warm when in the gym early doors! Not being a commercial gym, it can get cold in there!!
It must be added that these leggings are also very durable, having lasted for this long and still offering the same amount of elasticity.
Perfect for leg day and I would recommend to anyone!

Wishlist for Christmas? Look no further Sub Sports Compression Leggings

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