Monday, 27 October 2014

Hench Nutrition Protein Pancake Mix


These are actually amazing. If you have 5 minutes in the mornings to make and eat your breakfast you better be eating these! They are simple to make and taste gorgeous.

I bought this product after seeing an advert in a magazine and saw they had a wide range of products ie Flapjack, Pizza Base and Pudding mix. I usually have pancakes for breakfast at the weekend and, although I had developed a recipe that allowed me to use protein without it tasting disgusting, I was getting a bit annoyed with having to use flour and didn't feel they were as healthy as they could be. So using the 10% discount code on the ad I thought I'd give them a try.

Simply mix one scoop with 200ml of water (it says 150ml but I've found it works better with a little more) shake in your normal shaker, pour into a non stick pan with a little oil, flip and serve- it really is that easy.

I like to have my pancakes with a chopped banana and some Go Nutrition peanut butter however you can add whatever toppings you feel like.

Why not try some protein ice cream and have them for a desert? or simply add a few blueberries the possibilities are endless.


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