Sunday, 13 July 2014

Go Nutrition Protein Hot Chocolate

I thought I'd start off the main content with a product that I have bought recently and was dying to share.
Go Nutrition Protein Hot Chocolate.

It is perfect on those evenings when you sit in front of the TV and you fancy something sweet. No more reaching for the cookie jar (or on those cold winter nights the ovaltine) with 15g of protein per serving it is perfect for those of you wanting to live a healthier lifestyle or to just make healthier changes to your diet.

My motivation behind buying this product was to satisfy a sweet craving, and it works well for me.
The only downside with the product is that you have to make the drink in your shaker before microwaveing. This means more washing up... (whatever you do, don't think you can have it like a normal cup of hot chocolate - I tried it with the kettle and it becomes extremely lumpy and unsalvagable!).

Priced at £12.99 for a 500g bag (20 servings) it is fairly well priced if you compare it to the other less healthy hot drinks on the market. Unfortunately this only comes in one flavour, that being milk chocolate, although I am certain that other flavours will be in the pipeline.

All in all a top product that I would recommend for people who get sweet cravings in the evenings.

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