Sunday, 5 April 2015

"What protein do you use bro?"

It's a question that is asked regularly in gyms all over the world, but it isn't the right question.

Newcomers to the gym, this may include you so please do not take offence, seem to always gravitate to the muscular regulars for advice.

This, in itself isn't the issue.

The issue comes from asking the wrong questions.

I am often happy to ask questions as I feel that you can never stop gaining knowledge in this industry, and am also happy to answer them when it is something I am knowledgeable about.

However, to the average Joe, it's ALL about what magic supplement is being used to get the gym regulars big and/or lean. This is due to people, and I'm generalising here, being lazy and believing that there is a "quick fix" and that these magic supplements are going to get them ripped in 6 weeks (this is why you see so many bogus adverts promoting the next skinny pill that all the celebs are using!)

As a regular visitor to this blog, you will have come to realise that there is no quick fix, you didn't get fat in just 6 weeks did you?

Supplements do exactly that, they supplement your diet.

If you have a bad diet, any addition increase to your protein intake will just be more calories added to your already gluttonous calorie consumption.

Your diet is what needs to change first. And without going into too much detail, should consist of lean cuts of meat and fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, eggs and dairy products.

Try to reduce the intake of things that you know you shouldn't really be eating I.e. Pastry, chocolate, sweets, cakes etc.

In a nutshell if you're looking to improve your health, change your appearance or way of life; it's your diet that will either hold you back or propel you to greatness.

Next time you ask someone a question, ask them what their diet consists of, ask them about their macronutrient consumption.

This will earn you respect, and you could also gain some more knowledge yourself.

Happy Easter!

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