Sunday, 26 April 2015

Brace yourselves, Summer is coming!

Which means one thing, taking your clothes off and getting a tan.

Sounds easy right?

However, an awful lot of the population are increasingly body conscious and, despite being on a beach in Portugal or Turkey in 30-40 degree heat, refuse to take their tshirt off.

More so in women than in men, as they are unhappy with their appearance and don't want to be judged. Especially as women's body image seems high on the agenda at the moment after the controversy of the recent Protein World advert below.

(Source: Protein World)

In this instance, you have two options.

1. Keep covered up, and become miserable as everyone shows off their figures.
2. Do something about it now.

Summer officially starts on the 21st June.

This means you have exactly 8 weeks to get into the shape of your life, this will require dedication, hard work, and a change of lifestyle, but I will guarantee if you put in the work you will reap the rewards.

Again you have two options;
1. Keep covered up and be miserable.
2. Show off all your hard work with a smile.

If you are interested in what I can do to help, contact me on

Keep going!

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