Saturday, 21 February 2015


For those of you that are now well into your fitness journey, you will have probably noticed many trainers and websites that discourage running, and especially discourage any sort of long distance steady state training.

This is something I cannot comprehend.

Whenever I have wanted to shift a bit of excess flab, adding a 3-5 mile run into my training schedule for the week is exactly what I have needed. Not only does it give me more energy when I know I can comfortably cover that sort of distance, I can visibly notice my body getting leaner.

This is why I would always recommend adding running into your training.

Running outdoors is best. You get the benefits of being outdoors, fresh air, nice scenery and it also works your body harder. However, over the winter months (when it can be cold, dark, icy) it is fine and probably safer to run indoors on the treadmill.

Now I agree, not everyone is used to running and, for some, it can be an effort running to the end of their road. This is perfectly normal for a sedentary adult and doesn't have to stop you!

Small progressions count!

If you struggle to run any sort of distance try adding on 10-20 metres every time you go out for a run, or if you're on the treadmill run for an extra 30 seconds.

Increasing your training this way (10m per run) would mean if you do 2 runs per week, after a year you would be running 1km further than you were to start with!

Sometimes training isn't fun, and for a lot of people running is one of their least favourite exercises. It does hurt, but we all get a stitch, cramp , shortage of breath, sore joints, even sorer muscles, cuts, bruises even the fittest people on earth. But the worst pain of all is the pain of knowing you could but didn't, the pain of getting old having never been able to accomplish any fitness goals and for me, the pain of slipping back to the old unfit version of myself.

Keep at it and you will never feel those pains.

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