Sunday, 5 July 2015

Sci-Mx PRO2GO Caramel and Vanilla Bars

Over the past few months, having being on a cutting diet to reduce bodyfat, I have become obsessed with protein bars. These have allowed me to still have a 'treat' yet also remain commited to my macros.

The bars that I have been most impressed by so far are the Sci-Mx Nutrition Pro2Go Caramel and Vanilla flavour. They genuinely taste like a chocolate bar you would buy off the shelf and I'd describe as tasting like a mix between a Milky Way and a Mars bar!

In actual fact, you can buy these singularly off the shelf, as I often do if I run out, from ASDA supermarkets in the UK.

The nutritional profile of these bars is pretty good too. Each 60g bar packs in 20.2g Protein, 23.5g Carbs and 7.1g Fat.

In case you had not heard of them, Sci-Mx are a UK based company, which is one of the reasons they get my backing! Formed in 2007 they have quickly risen to become the UK's largest privately owned sports nutrition brand.

If you haven't tried these bars and constantly struggle with not having a sweet treat during the day then they are 100% for you. I love them and am sure that you will too!

To purchase these bars click here!

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