Monday, 11 May 2015

Quest Nutrition Bars and Dr Zacs Protein Bread

Quest Nutrition Bars

After hearing all the hype surrounding these bars, and having attempted to purchase them online (only for the retailer to become out of stock), I finally visited my local Vitamin Shop and took the plunge.

I headed straight for the cookies and cream flavour as it's the flavour that everyone has been raving about.

At first I was a little disappointed with the taste, as I expected them to taste just like Oreo bars. After working my way through an entire box of them (a lot quicker than I would have liked) I can safely say that my opinions have completely changed, these are brilliant.

I realised that these weren't trying to compete with the confectionery on the shelves, they were competing with other protein bars. And lets be honest, most protein bars taste like crap!
They are easily the best tasting protein bar I have tried.

*I have since been back into the Vitamin Shop and bought the Apple Pie flavoured bars, which, in my opinion, are even better!*

(Image Source: Quest Nutrition)
Dr Zacs Protein Bread

Whilst I was in the store, I made a small impulse purchase of Dr Zacs Protein Bread.

Having had the opportunity to try some at last years BodyPower Expo, I was keen to see how long it would last in the cupboard and how I could incorporate it into my every day diet.

It is just bread.

Tastes like bread, feels like bread (although maybe slightly more of a cakey feel), and smells, you guessed it, like bread.

All this yet still managing to pack in 30g protein per 2 slice serving.

The main selling point, for me, was that it tasted incredible yet was a healthier alternative than Warburtons. I used it for sandwiches, poached eggs on toast, and just for a slice of toast, which I would definitely recommend!

(Image Source: Dr Zaks)

Overall, another fantastic product I had to share with you, in fact both products are fantastic and will definitely be getting purchased again!

If you would like me to review any other products please let me know in the comments and I'll do my best!

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